Necessity the mother of invention


Work Smarter not Harder

In any business it's important to strive for constant improvement throughout all you do.  At Flatline Mechanical we are constantly building  and improving our devices to achieve perfection and faster better cheaper production.  

Purpose built Lathe Accessories

Flatline has built numerous clever accessories for manufacturing wood and timber products.  Several devices featured above include Sander with gas shock suspension,  tracer mounted router, for turning complex shapes, internal and external radius cutters as well as 16" saw for precise parting cuts as well as a Milling head on Lathe carriage, giving 4 axis milling ability and a variety of powerful cutters from holesaws to sawblades, .

The Hanson Mill

Flatline Mechanical performed a complex upgrade on a large home made gantry style sawmill for Hanson Land and Sea.  Flatline built several modifications to the machine to make the mill so it could be interchangable from a dual circular saw configuration to a 10' chainsaw slabbing bar configuration.  This required building a flange mounted rotary extension housing which could be uncoupled and removed and replaced with a drive sheave, then mounting a jackshaft to drive the chainsaw sprocket, and mounting the chainsaw bar and incorporating chain lubrication into the mounts.  The mill with it's 50' track is very effective for cutting massive long slabs and timbers.

Elvis Pressly

The 60 ton Hydraulic press shown above left was purpose built by Flatline for disassembly of large components. The press affectionately named Elvis Pressly with its gallows style mounting of a 7" hydraulic cylinder with 30" stroke is ideal for loading large components into it with forklift or crane and dismantling or assembling large components with heavy interference fits as well as straightening or bending material and parts.

Whatever your industry, we are available to repair and improve your equipment.

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