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Flatline Mechanical is a millwright machine service located on the Sunshine Coast specializing in both wood and metal machining. Flatline has a well equipped facility consisting of an overhead crane, 2 metal lathes, a radial arm drill, a 60 ton hydraulic press, welders, fully tooled service truck, deck trailer, dump trailer, and skid steer.  


Flatline Mechanical named after Canadian punk rock group the Flatliners  started as a millwright contracting service by red seal Millwright Danny Neufeld in 2007.  After 10 years of Millwrighting on the road all across Canada and Turkey in a variety of industries from oilsands, petro-chemical,sawmill,pulp and paper, power generation, to mining Dan decided to set up shop on the Coast.

The Lathe

Flatline started out with purchasing an overhead crane system and massive Lathe from Barter Design in 2017 The 1940s Mcdougall Tail shaft lathe with 24' bed and 48' swing in the gap, 36" over the cross slide, was brought to the coast to manufacture product for Barter Design, Barter partners ran into difficulty getting the Lathe operational.  Flatline purchased the Lathe and commissioned it with help from Knowles Technical services. The Lathe was then streamlined and tooling reinvented for efficiently producing high quality Barter products. After proving reliable for Barter, Flatline was commissioned to produce several display poles for the Bill Reid Gallery in Vancouver.  This project was another stimulus that brought about several tooling inventions purpose built in house by Dan, including a 20 " external radius cutter and 3HP Milling machine with 24" cross action and 16" vertical action being mounted on the Lathe carriage. This accessory with it's numerous available cutter options transformed the Lathe into an incredibly versatile and effective machine for producing precision timber products.

Machine Shop

The shop has steadily grown since the Lathe.  We now have a well rounded arsenal of machine tooling for a wide range of applications.  Whatever you need built or fixed we'll get you flanged up.

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